Pre-Pay – M.O.S.T Testing

Monday, Apr 30, 2018 – Saturday, Dec 30, 2023

8:00am – 3:00pm


Importantly, each component of the MOST relates to skills you will normally use when riding on the road.
None of the tests are difficult or dangerous for a skilled rider.
The MOST consists of 7 test segments designed to measure your ability to handle a motorcycle, including starting, accelerating, turning and braking.
If, during testing, you feel that any part of the test is beyond your skill level, you should tell the Testing Officer.

To pass, you will have to successfully complete all of the test segments.

Sharp Turn
Normal stop
Cone weave
Quick Stop
Obstacle Turn
Test Guide

Is it Hard? No

What if I find it Hard?
Formally you will read the following: “None of the tests are difficult or dangerous for a skilled rider.”

This can be translated in several ways.

1. If the tests are difficult for you, you need more skill.
2. If the tests are dangerous for you, you need more skill
3. If it’s both, then you really need to practise.,

Safety Gear
We insist on riders wearing as a minimum:

All the gear all the time
Helmet – supplied by DMC riding school
Pants that cover the full length of the leg
Long sleeved shirt or jacket made from protective material designed to minimise abrasions.
Eye protection
Fully enclosed gloves
Fully enclosed shoes.
No matter what you ride – from scooter to superbike – good gear is an investment too important to ignore. It could make the difference between a nasty tumble and injuries that prevent you from ever riding again.

It is the responsibility of the learner to attend Darwin Motorcycle Riding School wearing long pants, enclosed shoes and eye protection.

We provide full use of a Motorcycle for the duration of the test.

How long to complete the test.
Allow 15min

To sit a balance and stability test you must
Hold a licence of another class – eg: Class C Provisional,open or heavy licenses.

Call 0411 609 658 to book – we have courses running weekly

Event Location

Hidden Valley Motorsports Complex
171 Hidden Valley Road
Darwin, NT, 08

Event Fees

AUD 100.00